10 Reasons Why You Should Take Skin Care Seriously

10 Reasons Why You Should Take Skin Care Seriously

We’re all impartial to a list of skincare tips or advice that tells us how to look our best right here, right now. However, we often discount just how important our skin really is. As the largest organ in the human body, the more we learn about how to take care of it, the better our results will be in the short and long term.

Beauty tips for skin shouldn’t just be about looking good, but actually nourishing and protecting our skin. By looking at it as more than just an outer layer, we need to understand its role in the body and why we have to start taking it seriously if we want good skin that’s lifelong and not just temporary.

#10: Prevention Actually Matters

Woman Applying Cream On Shoulder

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘the prevention is better than the cure’ and this couldn’t be truer than with skin care. Many beauty products are about trying to fix problems that have already occurred, like wrinkles and pigmentation, but we need to start before they actually arise.

Developing a good skincare routine and taking care in the sun and when using makeup and other harsh chemicals is the best way to prevent future damage. The more effort you put in now, the less you’ll have to do later in life, and the cheaper it will be.

#9: Skin Is Like A Sponge

The skin has many different layers, and the outermost layer has been designed to repel water. While it does a good job of this, other things like oil and dirt can easily get into the cells. The result? Blackheads, dirty pores, and pimples, among others.

Therefore, choosing products that are safe for absorption is important. The best natural skincare tips will always recommend organic and natural products, and these are usually the way to go.

#8: All Skin Is Different

Skin never follows a one size fits all approach, and each person has skin that is completely unique to them. Therefore, shopping for products that fit your style of skin is essential.

Some might like to see an esthetician or dermatologist for advice on what type of skin they have, or they can tell for themselves based on excess oil or dryness. Only ever follow advice for your specific skin type and products that have been designed for its specific requirements.

#7: Your Skin Is Very Busy Underneath

It might not seem like it on the surface, but your skin is doing a lot of things underneath. Skin works by synthesizing chemicals and at all times of the day they are reacting to these chemicals within your cells.

The cells are repairing damage, regenerating, producing new cells, and converting any sunlight you’ve been exposed to into vitamin D. Choosing skincare products that promote this skin renewal is therefore very important.

#6: Our Skin Sheds Each Day

Sunburn Skin Peeling

Some people assume that they can treat their skin every now and then to a skincare routine or procedure and it will take care of everything. However, our skin actually sheds every minute of the day.

This means the skin that you cared for today will be gone tomorrow, so you need to stay on top of the treatments. Using something like a home dermabrasion tool and having a daily skincare regime in place is super important.

#5: Skin Keeps You Safe

Our skin is at work in so many ways that we don’t even realize, highlighting even further why we need to start taking skincare seriously. This amazing organ protects us from UV damage, stops bacteria and other germs from entering, and protects from various environmental hazards.

Healthy skin will ensure it continues to protect you, so develop a daily regime and include additional treatments when necessary.

#4: Skin Can Be Easily Damaged

If you’ve ever spent a little too long in the sun, you know how quickly you can get sunburned. Although the skin is incredibly tough and resistant, it’s also sensitive, and anything over 10 minutes in the sun can do lifelong damage.

Start thinking of your skin as something sensitive and to be protected, and reduce its exposure to chemicals, oil, and dirt, and direct sunlight. This damage can occur on the outer and deeper layers where it might not even be visible, so don’t assume that because you look good your skin is healthy.

#3: It Can Build Confidence

Most people equate healthy, clear skin with attractiveness and having good skin can give you a major boost of confidence. No matter where you are, what event you’re going to, or what you’re wearing, your skin will always be on show.

Taking care of it and cleaning it each day means you’ll benefit from the huge self-esteem boost that it gives you, and you’ll be guaranteeing yourself better skin for the rest of your life as well.

#2: Skin Is Like A Raincoat

Drops Of Water On Body

We know that our skin absorbs things like bad dirt and oil, but it actually offers a protective layer like a raincoat. The skin is able to keep water out, otherwise, we might expand like a sponge when we came into contact with it. To keep the water in so your skin stays hydrated, it’s always best to follow up a shower or bath with an oil-based moisturizer.

#1: Skincare Is A Lifelong Process

Rather than looking at our skin as something that has to be fixed when a problem arises, it should be seen as a lifelong process. Having a daily skincare routine and taking care of your skin each week with further treatments will prevent your need for spending excess money later in life.

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