Best Blackhead Remover Buying Guide

Best Blackhead Remover Buying Guide

There are some facts of life that we just can’t escape, and one of them is blackheads. No matter how detailed your beauty routine is or how healthy your diet, blackheads are something that will pop up every now and then on everyone’s skin.

Getting rid of blackheads has proven to be a challenge over the years, and many people are still damaging their skin by poking and pulling at it and trying to remove them. The only solution is finding the best blackhead remover and letting this dedicated beauty tool get the job done, but how do you find one really worth investing in?

Nose Blackheads

There are so many different brands out there claiming to have the best acne and blackhead products which makes it difficult to find the right one.

That’s why we’ve done the search for you and found the best products for blackheads that actually worth and are great value for money. The new range of these removers are now better than ever, so finding the right one to fit your skincare routine is essential.

You don’t have to walk around with blackheads any longer and wonder if people are staring at your less than clear complexion. With the right tools and a good blackhead removal system in place, your skin will be better than ever and you’ll be clearing your skin of all the nasty impurities that bring it down.

Our Recommendations

We’ve come so far with skin care and we know these days that the most effective blackhead removal can’t be done by us alone. Luckily, we don’t have to try because there are some great tools out there that can do the job for you. We’ve found the best products to get rid of blackheads so you can put an end to this annoying skin problem.

Winner: Sanhao Blackhead Remover

When you’re shopping for the best beauty product, you want something that’s versatile and worth your money.

Buying the Sanhao Blackhead remover, you’ll not only get one of the best blackhead removal devices on the market but a beauty tool that can do so much more.

Using a powerful vacuum suction, this device can remove blackheads, whiteheads, clear oil from your skin, and even lessen fine lines and massage your face.

For all of that, it’s no wonder people are thrilled with the results they’re getting after just one use with the Sanhao Blackhead Remover.

According to the happy customers, you can actually see how much stuff comes out of your pores and from your skin when you look at the removable head. This is the result of all of the oil and other buildup coming off due to the suctioning, and that’s what makes it so great at targeting your blackheads specifically.

Sanhao has made this remover to be suitable for all skin types, but according to the reviews from customers who usually have sensitive skin, this might not be the case.

If you’re someone who knows you can’t handle much pressure on your skin or that other beauty products cause some irritation, you’ll only want to use your blackhead remover for around half the recommended usage time.

There are five different suction levels to choose from so you can get one to correspond to your specific skin type. Level one is the most sensitive and level fixed is the best choice for people with combination skin, so be prepared to spend some time figuring out which is going to get the right results.

If you’re someone who travels a lot or likes to do their beauty routine on the go, this is a great portable device. With a powerful lithium-ion battery, it’s capable of delivering 150 hours of battery time from just the one charge. Better still, even if you forget the charging base you can recharge it with a USB connection so it’ll never go flat.

This is a midrange blackhead remover compared to others, but it works just as well as the more expensive brands.

You’ll get a full 18 months warranty, 30-day money back guarantee, and a complete year of customer service from the Sanhao team should you run into any issues. This makes it fantastic value for money and a product that you can trust to actually work.


Runner-Up: Dollve Blackhead Remover

We don’t always have a lot of money to spend on beauty products, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to find a good blackhead remover that can still get the job done.

The Dollve Blackhead Remover is one of the cheaper devices on the market for those who don’t have a huge budget to spend but still need helping to clear up their skin.

The Dollve Blackhead Remover has all of the regular functions you’d expect to find on a blackhead remover of a higher price, but it’s the cheapest we’ve found.

You will have to be prepared to give up some things for this lower cost, but if you want an entry level remover or just don’t have a lot of cash to spend it will serve you well.

The downsides to this remover from Dollve is the suction isn’t as powerful as other brands. For those who have a lot of blackheads or wanted to see a large amount of oil or dirt come off their skin, you won’t get the same dramatic results. Although you can still see the oil build up in the head of the machine, it’s not as impressive as other models.

There are just four levels of suction to choose from, with the lowest being ideal for sensitive skin. Unlike the more powerful devices, this one actually does a good job at removing blackheads for people with troubled or sensitive skin, so if you’re someone who has suffered irritation or pain in the past with a blackhead remover it’s a great option.

Dollve offers a money back guarantee for the first 30 days after purchase, and they’ll refund 100% of your purchase price without asking questions.

However, once you’re out of that period there’s no warranty coverage which is another downfall of investing in one of these cheaper devices. Judging by the reviews though, people didn’t seem to have any problems with the quality of theirs after a few months, so hopefully, that’s the general consensus.

If you’re interested in learning how blackhead removers like this work, the Dollve is a great place to start.

You’ll remove layers of oil from your skin and extract blackheads without it being too powerful, and if you enjoy it then there’ll be no need to upgrade to one of the more expensive devices. Dollve has proved you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get good skin, and we’re truly grateful.


Alternative: Eunon Blackhead Remover

For those people who take their skincare very seriously and only want to use the best products on their skin, you’ll want to check out the Eunon Blackhead Remover.

This is the best pore remover for people who have a lot of money to spend as the cost is around double what the other medium range devices are.

This powerful blackhead remover has an LCD screen that lets you adjust settings and see what the status of the device and its battery is. 

The battery itself charges in around 60 minutes and will give you a full 150 minutes of continuous use from just one charge, which means you can use it all week and never have to worry about the power.

The Eunon Blackhead Remover comes with three different suction settings to choose from, so there’s not as much choice as with others. For those with unique skin types you might found none of these suits you, so anyone with sensitive or combination skin especially may want to keep shopping around.

For the extra price, it doesn’t seem there is much difference with this machine compared to the other cheaper ones.

While it does have a digital screen, the battery and suction modes are all the same, so you want to reconsider if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. If you prefer a more well-known brand though, you’ll get plenty of joy out of this Blackhead Remover from Eunon.

One major selling point though is the two-year warranty where Eunon will replace your machine should anything go wrong. For this type of warranty coverage, it might be worth the extra money if you don’t want to buy a new device in a few months’ time. However, provided you take care of your beauty tools they should all be able to last you many years.

This is one of the more premium brands to make a blackhead remover and while it does a good job at clearing your skin and removing blackheads, there are some other cheaper alternatives out there. For the peace of mind of a longer warranty and the convenience of the display screen, this might be up there as your top choice.


What Are Blackhead Removers?

Blackhead Remover

A blackhead is medically known as an open comedone. Contrary to popular belief, a blackhead is not that color because it’s a pore that’s full of dirt, but they’re actually lesions on the skin that contain oxidized melanin so they’re naturally dark in color.

A comedone happens when the pore becomes blocked with dead skin cells, and this then causes your body to create a protective oil called ‘sebum’.

Blackheads can sometimes appear due to an overload of oil on the skin which can be due to poor diet, no skincare routine, using the wrong products, wearing makeup, or a natural excess production of oil.

Without proper treatment like using a blackhead remover, blackheads can turn into acne and pimples or develop into something more serious that is hard to fix.

Having a blackhead remover is a smart investment for anyone who cares about their skin, and you probably already know how other scrubs and washes do very little to remove them. The purpose of a blackhead remover is to physically extract the blackhead from your skin, and they do this in a number of ways.

The blackhead remover tools that are popular these days, like the ones we’ve reviewed, work with a powerful vacuum method. You place the head of the remover over your blackhead or other blemish and let it suck out what’s inside.

It does this by applying pressure around the area which releases the trapped sebum inside, and without any scarring or irritation like other methods can cause.

Types Of Blackhead Remover

There are a few common types of blackhead remover on the market, each with their own way of extracting the lesion. The most modern approach these days is with a battery or electric operated device that produces a suction, but there are other tools. Here’s a little more about what each of them does:

Extractor Tool

Blackheads Extractor

These are usually made of medical grade steel and feature a very small hole designed to fit over the blackhead. The user pushes down and pressure is applied around the blackhead to release the sebum.

Vacuum Blackhead Remover

Powered by batteries or electricity, these modern blackhead removers are placed over the blemish and then create a powerful suction to extract the sebum and help with other types of pimples and whiteheads.


Pore cleansing strips are wet and then plastered over the nose or another trouble area, and then left to set and dry. Once dry, they’re pulled off and take with them oil, debris, and other things that are clogging pores.

Scrubs And Exfoliants

There are some exfoliating beauty products that can be applied to the face and scrubbed, featuring tiny particles that aid in removing dead skin and other blemishes. They really only reach the top layer so it can be hard to use them to completely remove a blackhead.

What To Look For In A Blackhead Remover

Blackheads are a natural part of life and something that everyone gets from time to time. Regardless of what the rest of your skincare routine is like, there’s a good chance you have experienced a problem blackhead or two in your past.

A blackhead removal tool is the only way to sufficiently get rid of them, but there are some things to consider before you begin your search for this essential product.


Holding Facial Scrub

The type of blackhead remover you choose will be the most important decision to make, as this can affect the effectiveness of it and how hard the process is. These days, the vacuum suction tools are most popular because they extract more of the dirt, but it is still possible to get a lot sebum out using the steel tools.


Beauty routines shouldn’t hurt, no matter what anyone tells you. Removing a blackhead might not be the most pleasant thing to do, but you should never be using a tool that hurts your skin. Therefore, choosing something that’s comfortable and will have minimal pressure on your face is the best approach.


Everyone has different skin, and this extends to our blackheads and blemishes as well. Some people might require more intensity than others to get their blackheads out, whereas people will sensitive skin will only want a light touch. Consider the type of skin you have and choose a product that’s going to be the perfect match for it.


There are other things you might look for in a blackhead extractor, especially if you’re choosing one of the vacuum tools. Battery life, warranty, price range, portability, and replacement heads are all things you’ll want to consider when looking for the right product.

One Beauty Tool You Can’t Live Without

No matter what type of skin you have or how much you do to take care of it, blackheads will arise for a number of reasons. Even with the best cleansers and exfoliating scrubs, they’ll likely pop up from time to time, and they can feel as though they take over your whole face when they’re bad.

One important part of any beauty routine should be using your blackhead extractor, and although you might not need to use it every day you will get a lot of enjoyment from it. The instant satisfaction of seeing what you’ve removed from your face will give you plenty of joy, so it’s well worth the minor investment getting a remover for yourself.

Blackhead remover tools have certainly come a long way from the old steel ones that we all used to use. These vacuum tools make it easier to remove your blackheads and with less damage to your face, so they’re a must-have for anyone who cares about having good skin.

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