What Are Blackheads And How To Remove Them

What Are Blackheads And How To Remove Them

Have you ever taken a close up look at your skin and noticed some small, dark spots covering your face? You might find them in the more obvious areas like your nose or chin, or they could randomly appear in unexpected places. There’s a good chance these unsightly blemishes are actually blackheads, and they’re something that all of us are prone to.

Blackheads are just part and parcel of having skin, and they’re something that can be difficult to avoid. Once we have them, blackhead removal is a careful job that needs to be done the right way otherwise it can lead to ineffective results and further damage being done to your skin, whether it’s by breaking it or causing acne.

Although we know we have to get rid of blackheads, there’s an ongoing debate about the best way to do it. On the market there are many manual blackhead removal tools and methods for you to do it yourself, so we’re going to investigate further which ones really get the job done and how they work

What Are Blackheads?

Blackheads On Nose

Not many people realize it, but blackheads are actually a special form of acne. People often mistake blackheads for their pores that are just dirty, but they’re something completely different. When the opening of a hair follicle gets blocked, the body usually creates more oil to try and fix it, and the result is a clogged pore that needs a lot of work to clear.

The material that sits inside the blemish gets oxidized which turns it black, and it can easily look like this is dirt. The dark color is where it got its official name of a ‘blackhead’ and they’re pretty easy to spot if you have an otherwise clear complexion.

When not treated, blackheads bring a whole range of problems with them. They have the potential to turn into more serious acne, create scarring, or become infected, so dealing with them before they get to this stage is important. Thankfully, there are some great tools out there that do exactly that, and they’re worthwhile investing in if you care about your skin.

How To Remove Blackheads

As soon as you notice a blackhead on your face, you’ll probably want it gone. They can stand out quite obviously and are hard to cover up with makeup or other products.

There are ways that you can remove the built-up sebum that causes a blackhead, but not every method is effective. The best way to remove blackheads is with a special tool, which could be either a metal instrument or vacuum tool

The metal instrument is shaped with a round hole that you place over the blackhead. The purpose of these is to apply pressure to the outside borders of it which pushes the sebum out and removes the blockage.

With a vacuum tool, you apply the head of it over the top of the blackhead and turn it on. This uses a powerful suction that extracts anything from the middle of the blackhead without applying pressure to it. This is a newer method and one that is especially good for people with sensitive skin or those who don’t want to damage the outer area of skin.

Manual Or Machine: Which Is Best?

Manual Removing Blackheads

Without a tool, people sometimes resort to using their fingers to remove a blackhead. This can cause a lot of problems with the biggest one being an infection due to the bacteria on the hands, and also the pressure applied to the area without using a proper tool.

The best approach for removing blackheads is with a machine, either a vacuum tool or a metal utensil. The vacuum is the best for ensuring no damage is done to the skin, but if you have nothing else then gently applying pressure with a standard blackhead extractor should get the job done also.

There are other beauty products that are aimed at removing blackheads or at least clearing up pores. You could use a dedicated cleanser, exfoliating scrub, pore strips, or applying hot towels to the skin, and all of these can be helpful when used in conjunction with your removal tool.

Homemade Blackhead Removal Solutions

If you’re waiting for your new blackhead removal tool to arrive in the mail, there are some things you can try at home for removing blackheads. Try one of these natural remedies to see if it does anything to clear up your skin:

  • Lemon and salt scrub: A natural way to clear out pores and possibly help to remove blackheads
  • Raw honey: Dab raw, unfiltered honey on the problem area you’re trying to treat and they may be able to extract the blackheads naturally
  • Steam bath: Steam is ideal for opening up the pores which can make it easier to clean them out
  • Egg whites: A mask of egg whites can help draw out the blackheads and remove other impurities from the skin

Clear Skin The Easy Way

Machine Cleaner For Blackheads

Clear Skin The Easy Way

Blackheads are notoriously hard to get rid of when you don’t have the right tools to use and there’s no point waiting for them to disappear on their own. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to avoid them as they’re caused by a number of things, with but having a dedicated tool to remove them are first sight can have a huge impact.

There are so many great types of blackhead removers out there, but for a modern approach, the vacuum extractor is a powerful choice. In just a few minutes a day you could remove your blackheads and get the clear skin you’ve been hoping for, and all without the pain and damage that traditional methods of removal came with.

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